Skeleton Park Brewery

Skeleton Park Brewery is located in the historic town of Kingston, Ontario. Their mission is to craft traditional old-world beer styles that pay tribute to the early Canadians who built our nation’s foothold – Canada’s first capital city.

The design task was to create a flexible logo design as there were many applications to consider. The SPB founder and brewmaster is as passionate about working on his motorbikes and as his unique brews. We decided on a no-nonsense black and sandy beige logo for the day-to-day usage, with the intention that the logo colours would develop with the product line of beers.

The skeleton dog in the logo brings together the past and the future of Kingston’s Skeleton Park. Centuries old, Skeleton Park began its life as a burial ground for roughly ten thousand immigrant laborers. We pay homage to those souls by using the Roman numeral for 10,000 in the form of a cross bone illustration.

The SPB Amber 6.6 can design evolved from the desire to set the brand apart from the rest of the pack. A vintage-Euro inspired geometric design was fleshed out with the bold use of vigorous red, punchy mustard yellow and matte black finish. It’s hard to pass up purchasing this tall boy in the LCBO.

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